Brain twister help

Hey guys I can’t get the brain twister I’d throw a nice hard sleeper and it spins out at the mount so am I doing something wrong or what

Question, what yoyo are you using?

Also, are you throwing it straight?

Practice is the best answer, as long as you have a yoyo that sleeps you can do a braintwister with practice. Every good trick starts with a good solid straight throw. Keep trying wiz, and there are dozens of threads like this, so search the forums for some help.

I’m using a maverick and if it’s not straight enough then I throw again supposedly I can do it I’m working on double or nothin and Houdini mount so I should get it I’m just a noob at this and I’m worried I’m becoming a bigger noob

The maverick especially when new does like to suck up in the brain twister mount. it doesn’t like a whole lot of layers of string. It will play better as it breaks in and poly string works better than the stock cotton string that came with it.

One thing that helps is as you are going in to the mount make sure the yoyo is the right height before feeding the string in to the slot this will minimize the pulling motion against the side where the response is(which makes it pop up and spin out of control)
Help it helps