Brain Twister

Im stuck on brain twister. When ever i try the string gets tangled up as im going around three times. Any advice would be great :slight_smile:

Try using the search button. There was just recently a topic on this.

My guess is that you aren’t getting the spinning motion right. You have to keep your hands moving the whole time to get the yoyo to keep going.

Ive looked up like every thread and looked all over the internaet. Can some one on here like post a video of how t do it like one step after another. Im getting so frusterated.

here’s a video of how to do brain twister

You’ll just have to practice it, you can’t magically learn a new trick. Skip it if you can’t get it and come back to it later. I didn’t get good at brain twister until after I learned some expert tricks.

yeah i learned braint twister after i was donw with every other trick in the intermediate section. i thought i knew it but when i watched the vid i was like “when did they add this to the site!?!?!”
it’s pretty easy use the video wacht it you’ll get it.
after you get into the mount, hit the string inward to wards you and keep the string ligned up. make sure the throwhand and yoyo are spinning(or rolling) in sync.

What helps me is if I keep the finger loop loose on my finger.

string tention needs to be great

try going one step at a time. dont try the entire trick on your first couple of tries. try going in and out of the mount

then try doing the mount and one roll

then 2

and 3 and you should be good!

make sure your pushing the string with your throwhand when you are doing the brain twister