The man on the Tutorial videos didn’t quite explain this… It’s not his fault, cause of course, everyone has to understand that not every person who is teaching Online can get everything. When doing Brain Twister, do I push against the string when I have it looped and then keep spinning it. Or do I keep pushing it and it gets so much better from practice that it’s the illusion of me just swinging it over and over?

for the best result, you should push the strings hard, then kinda swing the yoyo around with your throw hand. just keep practicing it and it will come to you.

That man is Andre Boulay…

So I can’t swing it in between my hands after I pushed it once? I have to keep pushing it and once I get it really good it’ll look like the illusion of me just swinging it…?

No you push the strings to make the yoyo do a full loop around. Then repeat again and maybe once more. If that’s what you’re asking…

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Not everyone gets it. If you need to, find another tutorial. The ones here are really good, but we all learn in different ways.

Once mounted, push the strings towards you. You’ll figure out how hard/fast to do this so the yoyo will flip around. Once you figure this out, repeat 2 more times for a proper brain twister. Just give yourself some time and practice.

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Here are a few different tutorials for you;

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