Brain twister

Every time I do a brain twister i end up doing fine until after I do the spinning part. After i do it it just stops spinning And shots back to my hand creating a knot in the yoyo then i have to take the yoyo apart and unknot it.

make sure you are following through the loop. if you are just letting it fall towards the last part of the loop then it will bounce back up. and make sure your hands are close together or you will be putting the string on the edges of the yoyo causing it to stop spinning.

HAHAHAHA i have no brain so how do i twist it

make sure that your gap is not too tight, because if it is, then the string will catch around the response, and shoot back to your hand like you discribe. don’t get discouraged!! ;D you have no brain… ::slight_smile:

huh ???

Never mind. Obviously you don’t Yo-Yo. What tricks can you do?

i do one where you twist the yoyo sidway and spin it a bunch
my brother taught me it


Please don’t get involved with tricks you don’t know.

i dont know
you do the whip thing then pull
i think it might be ufo

random i mean no offence by this but you need to only post things that you think might be helpful.
you are posting nonsense and for someone who is looking for help, that can be really annoying. :-\

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It’s not just this post.

He is immature and always gets off topic and ect…

I don’t care if I offend, so feel offended.

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ill stop

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oh believe me i noticed. i was just being nice. now can we please get back to topic.

hmm… which yoyo are you using? if it is a one- tug return type, try spinning it faster, so that it cannot bind back up on you.

I’m sure the problem has been fixed. This topic was posted almost 2 months ago. Please don’t bring up these old topics - Thanks! :wink:

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