Whenever I push my throw hand toward me and over my other hand, the string wraps around my fingers. Is that suppose to happen? I can’t do it consecutively like that. Any tips?

I just pull my throw hand over to the right a little, not so much to where its making the yoyo crooked but just to where it wont wrap around my finger. Plus you can do braintwister really fast this way :P. This should help! Good luck.


ye it should rap around your finger but what i do is just curl my trowhand finger in. the string will come right off.

Thanks for the advice, I tried both your way and it ended up crooked. :frowning: Guess I should practice it more

You’re probably spinning the yoyo around your hand to hard. If that’s not the factor, you need a loose grip.

Just practice, and get it smooth. It should work better then :slight_smile:

Have Fun Throwing,


I don’t know if you’re already doing this, but if you keep pushing against the 2 strings and just follow the string around, it shouldn’t wrap around your finger. Hope that helps!