Brain Twister

Hey guys, I have another question. I’m getting really frustrated with Brain Twister, and I’m probably doing it wrong because of one slight false motion. Whenever I start the trick and having it loop in a circle, it always gets into a knot and I can’t continue with the trick. Mind you, this is the first loop. Any advice? Which way do I swing it, when holding it infront of my body (Brain Twister mount obviously) do I swing it left or right?

Hold your Throwhand finger farthest from you and the left finger in a Backwards Trapeze thing. This is the mount. Bring your right finger Directly under your Left finger and it should be hitting 2 strings. Continue the motion of your finger coming to your bellyand do a full circle. Thats a braintwister.

I think that makes sence…

You don’t swing it left or right. It will stay in line with how it is the whole time. You will never have it go left or right. Just bring it towards you and then around your hands from there.

Aaahhhh, I understand now. I did Brain Twister successfully just now with your advice. My problem was that I kept adjusting it so it would be spinning infront of me and the only directions I can swing it were left or right, I thought the position where it had to swing infront of me was awkward because it looked like it would hit me if I did it that way. Thanks for the advice guys.

take NTH index and put itbehind the middle of the string
slide your TH down
thread the yo in the string
bring Th up so that the yo is sitting in a closed weird trapeze thing
push with your TH TOWARDS YOURSELF
let spin X amount of times