Better looking brain twister

HI guys,

so, ive been doing string tricks like boingy boing but it looks a bit dull. The way u get into brain twister is very slow and beginner looking.

Is there a better way to ge into it?


Try to do split the atom. It looks way more complicated and you should end in a braintwister mount.

Thanks alot

An easier way to get in the mount is by doing a bottom mount…

Instead of threading the string under the yoyo, stick your non-throwhand pointer finger out as you throw your sleeper. As your yoyo is coming down, aim your finger behind the string, and have the yoyo swing up and under it. This is a quicker way to get into the real Braintwister mount. :wink:

Sorry if the explanation didn’t make sense.

It’s like a reverse trapeze.

Do a plastic whip and then pinch the strings, all of them or it will wrap around your hand. You can then spin the yoyo. I think it l think it looks pretty sweet. If your yoyo sleeps long enough you can do like a inside-outside thing. And when your done you can drop it all and there should be no knots.