Revelotions trick help


Hi I am new to this site this is my first post. So every time I try to do the revolution the yoyo stop spinning and it get out of the string I am useing unresponsive yoyo by yoyo factory whip


Are you saying that your yoyo dies in the middle of the trick?


It falls out the loop of string? Practice.


Make sure that you are doing the trick on the opposite side of your body than your throw hand. I have known people to do that wrong


When I first tried this I did it spinning the wrong way. Don’t do this.


I might be a bit late, but there’s a trick called twirly bird on rethink yoyo that’s exactly the same motion as revolutions. Try that to get the motion down


Sort of. Revolutions uses a “backwards” twirl/hand rotation. Twirly bird uses a “forwards” one.

I found Twirly Bird way easier, and I keep forgetting to circle back around and learn Revolutions. Maybe I’ll see if I can pull it off tonight!


Try to learn the revolutions, on the split bottom mount (front one and a half mount) it’s easier to learn this one, and then once you got it down, learn the sideways one. that’s what I did, not I can do both :slight_smile:


Also if you haven’t seen it, I think Grawrd has my favourite tutorial for it (even though I still never learned it.  ;D)


I agree with Gregp. I learned revolutions and then twirly bird and it’s a lot easier, but now I kinda forget how to do revolutions after twirly bird :stuck_out_tongue:


Keep the yoyo in motion at all times, otherwise it could fall off.