I have trouble with...


Im having trouble with revolutions and the end of spirit bomb. Transfer your knowledge to me so i may better myself and pass the wisdom down to others.


For revolutions, to get the most slack, hit the 1.5 mount really small, curl in, and you really need to practice that in and out motion. Hope I helped!


For the revolutions: I learned well from rethinkyoyo.com, under twirlybird… different name, and a different mount to start with, but they are basically the same. This is my preferred way to do twirlybird/revolutions. Just try to find a good amount or slack to swing around. Not to much, as swinging the yoyo around will be harder, but not to little, or it won’t look good. I had the most trouble pinching in the right place, and keeping My yoyo from tilting, this goes away with practice.

For the end of spirit bomb: I’m still working on this… I can do it, I just have to practice and smooth it out. The only thing that helped me is remembering that you have to bring your left hand straight across, and pop the yoyo straight up before that. The bigger of a space you have to drop the yoyo through, the easier. Try to watch some slow motion videos of this, I can’t describe it to well. It’s one of those things that just clicks when you get it.