Today’s Trick:

Feedback would be much appreciated :slight_smile:




Does anyone have any feedback, tips, or suggestions for this trick?

Bump, share your thoughts of the video here.

Pretty cool! Some thoughts:

Maybe try and work out a flashier way of getting into that original mount? the pause while you insert your TH into the trapeze loop kinda kills the flow. Other than that it looks great, maybe try and work in a couple more hops before the GT finish?

Thanks for the input!



Nice combo

(Get a wide angle lens)


what are the extra wraps around your hand for? if your not doing something with them pop the yoyo in and out of those loops created.

I love the name, but this trick seems more like a ending of combo type thing, see if there’s anywhere where it’d fit in nice at the end of a combo.

Thanks Owen :slight_smile:
A lot of my tricks are good for endings because they are short and end in towers or GTs. Hope you can fit it in, I challenge you to, then make a video of it for me :slight_smile:

P.s. tutorial for it drops tomorrow!

coooooooooool ill try haha


My own take on a LOVELY Trick :slight_smile:

wow thats pretty sweet! puts a lot more “flash” into the trick! i just learned the original trick yesterday :slight_smile: i like it a lot

Its a sweet trick indeed! :slight_smile: