The Official Yoyo trick game.

i just got this idea. so someone posts a video of them doing a mount, any mount. the next person posts a move from that mount. one move per post. if you don’t have a vid, try a picture or just explaining it. i don’t have a good video camera.

this is a good way to invent tricks as a comunity.
and remember not to get so incredibly complicated, and if you do, you might want explain your move a little. i’ll start with the mount.

so go into a double or nothing, then curl your free hand pointer twards yourself and twist it out.

Ps: you can end a trick after the first 5 moves, and try not to continue too long.
PPs: this is just a test to see if it works. i understand that trying to make a video for every post is hard and takes up too much time and computer memory.

pop out the back of the formation and land on all the strings.

I’ve been trying to make the next move for the last couple of days now…

woah didn’t see that. i guess great minds think alike. but it is benificial to have 2 up. that way, if you are stuck at a part in one, you could just go to the other until someone else adds the the one that you were stuck on.

with that: pop that up and land in a reverse trapeeze

maybe from the first pop you could do a modified 1/2 mount and do something from there.

some one posted this a few months back and called it bust a move, it was a good idea, but cooperation did it in. i personally don’t own a camera, but i am eager to see what you come up with!

oh and after every trick ends, someone please film it and PM me with it. i will make a new thread in the Trick section so people wont have to read through a ton of posts