Yoyo trick factory

So this is how it works, you say write out five or ten steps for a person to follow. But the instructions have to be somewhat vague so that an original trick comes out. For example…

  1. Start with a mount over your wrist.
  2. Grab the middle string
  3. Reject
  4. Pop through the loop
  5. Land in triangle
  6. Dismount


I just got it so it’s not the smoothest but oh well haha

good.  (you’re supposed to give instructions for another trick)

Let’s see…

  1. Mount on an undermount
  2. Swing yoyo over TH(throwhand)
  3. Pinch string with TH thumb
  4. Open string with NTH(Non throwhand) thumb and index
  5. Swing yoyo onto string away from you
  6. Underpass
  7. Dismount, bind.

vague enough? idk, haha

Good, vague enough. You don’t even have to have a trick in mind when you give instructions

  1. 1.5 mount
  2. Swing the yoyo over and intercept the string.
  3. Roll over your hand, lindy loop, roll off.
  4. Jade whip, but with your nth in the way.
  5. Roll into a trapeze
  6. Bind

Too hard? Maybe. There should probably be a 24 hour limit, and then the poster has to show a video of video of the original trick, to show its possible. Or maybe someone else should be able to post guidelines after 24 hours. I don’t know.

I guess I wasn’t that vague… You did the trick I was describing :smiley:

The trick doesn’t have to be “possible.” If you misunderstand the instructions, it’s better than if you did understand the instructions