Ronster234's Guide to Making Tricks


One of the best parts about yoyoing is it’s creative aspect. There are endless things you can do with the yoyo. When I first started, I couldn’t wait to breeze through the tutorials and start making my own tricks. Here is what helped me on that road:

1. Watch Videos: I was always watching videos of people. Videos can inspire you to try and duplicate that trick, but end up with a completely mount. Find a trick you like in the video, rewind it a couple of times, and continue to do something similar. However, I don’t encourage copying.

2. Explore Mounts: Explore the generic mounts and see what you can do with them. These mounts can include the 1.5 mount, the Houdini mount, and the wrist mount. Don’t be afraid to hop through string segments or twist the strings. That how you make a trick. You start with a mount and do something original to it.

3. Add Fillers: This one may be a little weird, but in a combo, simply bouncing the yoyo onto a new string segment and back to the original string adds flare to the trick. It also can score you more string hits in contests.

4. Finding Your Style: Once you have made a couple tricks, you need to determine what kind of style you want to have and make tricks based on your style. Whether is is horizontal to the maximum or slacks everywhere, it should be something you can relate to and have fun with.

5. Smooth it Out: No matter what your style is, your tricks need to be smooth. I just hate it when people are choppy when they play. It isn’t something sightly. Sometime doing a slight boing during transitions can help this problem. Try and keep the yoyo moving instead of it dangling at the bottom of the string.

6. Don’t Copy:
Never copy anybody else’s trick unless they allow you to. Variations are a different story, but just don’t do it. It just isn’t cool.

7. Have Fun: You should always be having fun when you yoyo. If you aren’t, then you are doing something wrong.

I hope this guide helps!




Hope it helped!




i kinda feel this should be stickied. To many new people have a problem with making tricks.