hey guys so well i can do almost everyhting on here and i have made many tricks but i need so0me new ides >ie where the slack goes under around over the yoyo to crete someything new or just some good technical slack tricks or just techinical tricks that will rack me up a lot of string hits !!! post videos plz to


go through tricks with lots of elements and mix and match… also, stop at places in complicated trick that you wouldnt exactly identify as a mount, and explore every option from there… you can also take a look at some tutorials at highspeedyoyo and rethinkyoyo websites for inspiration… and if all else fails, youtube is loaded with stuff


I’ve gone through the same process that your experiencing and I’m sure
everyone else as well. It sounds tedious but making tricks and coming up
with ideas come from what you know and trying something different
from it. Watching other players and tutorials for tricks and taking some
parts from it to make your own trick is a good way to approach it.
Maybe when your in lets say, a 1/2 mount, think of another way to
get into that mount or if you can pinch a certain part of the string
to slack it under/over to get into something else. It’s a lot of experimenting
and trial and error but eventually pays off overall.

(J. Lev) #4

Making up your own tricks is incredibly rewarding. It’s my favorite part of yoyoing.

You might want to take a look over here: