Rate and review this trick, help me yoyo better!!!!!

Added a solid 3 seconds and has a pretty ending. What do you guys think I should add or do to make this trick a bit more cooler?

Previous video


try to keep the yoyo moving

I really like the ‘trick construction pt2’ vid. I dont really have any suggestions.

Yea i like the second one better and i dont really think you need to do anything more to it. Its very flowy and that ending is just straight up cool! :wink:

My one problem with it is it’s slightly generic.

Which part is generic exactly?

The first half.

I liked the second video better. Beyond that I have no suggestions because what you are doing now is better than I am doing. Just keep up the good work.

Nice stuff!

Couple things I thought to point out.

The first over hook whip I feel isn’t really needed. It feels somehow too “additional” to the rest of the trick like it doesn’t fit entirely. Perhaps a different sort of whip mount or transition would work better.

At 6-7 ish seconds, the drop to trapeze feels a bit unsmooth or possibly not planned to me.

In terms of being “generic” I would say certain parts are, others are quite original. Anything involving a rolling 1.5 tends to be seen as generic to many people unless its very different. I like that last whip into stop and go gt, that is the element I would hold onto very much so as you find yourself tweaking the combo here and there.

Overall quite good and not choppy at all. I like! :slight_smile: