New Combo need some help with the last part of the combo :)

From a 1.5 mount, I love throwing a one and a half suicide. You can see the video at under suicides. That will take you into a trapeze which you can bind from, or go into another trapeze mounted trick… If you do it, you should post the video of the finished trick.

ill do that into some sort of chopstick trick thanks :slight_smile:

you could cross you nth over ur th like in the end of kwijibo and land into a double or nothin and do a matix to end it. If you do the matix fast it would look kinda cool with the start of the combo kinda slow and then ending it fast with matix.

if you drop the string in your non-throw hand I think you have a loopy-thing and can do a sideways brain twister. maybe. I think. ???

Do a iron whip to green triangle by instead of whipping the string just flip it over