My new 1A combo!


Ok ive only been yoyoing about 6 months but i made up this combo (my first!) tell me if its any good please!

1: 1 1/2 laceration ( throw a laceration but instead of going into a trapeze land the yoyo off of any string over your throw hand, you should now almost be in a 1 1/2 mount.

2: pop the yoyo up into a trapeze

3: do 1 eli hop

4: then do part 1 of yuuki slack ( slack into double or nothing)

5: then do cold fusion

6: once in a trapeze again do 1 eli hop

7: dismount, but turn and go into a split bottom mount

8: pull your non throw hand index finger out of the picture

9: then swing the yoyo forward but put your non throw hand index finger out there to meet the strings (like an off string throw)

10: if done properly, the yoyo should land in a bind return, pull the loop into the axle and catch the yoyo!

If u dont understand the instructions or have any questions please ask


I think I get it, video coming soon!

(D@§h!zn!t) #3

Same here. Except I probably won’t make a vid. ;D




So… the 1.5 laceration isn’t a 1.5 hook is it? Its just throwing the yoyo around all your hands?


Yeah. Stick your pointer, but don’t land in a Trapeze. Stick your throwhand pointer in there, too, just before a 1.5 Mount.

Good combo! :wink: