does ennyone know a good tutorial for a cool laceration combo? or just can explain it? nice if ennyone could help!

Alexis JV has many tutorials.

This one is a combo that he made:

Hope you like it!  A lot of these he has tutorials for on his youtube page:


i know :slight_smile: have seen it, but i ment a combo where there are sat together cool elements to a full combo. i have problem with setting them together and come from one element to another.  ;D

Do you mean just making lacerations, whips, hidemasa hooks, brent stoles, and whatnot into a combo?

That is right! I need to practis go from one element to another, so if you have a Nice combo please tell me

Try doing a hidamasa hook dismounting from that, and from that momentum going into a follow, from that reverse direction, and do a brent stole.

i think i have got one. start with paul han laceration, than crosshandet trapeze laseration, paul han(twice) trapeze laceration, follow, brent stole, paul han, hidemesa, bind? is that a good one?

That sounds great! I can’t even do some of those.

Nice job!