any tips on laceration combos?

well im posting this because i was watching one of alexisJV’s tuts and his laceration combo trick is so hard to do smooth… i was wondering if there is anytips on how to do it like him… i know its practice but is there a laceration i can repeat over and over again? or something i can do to make it easier?.. i cant seem to get it down…

not sure if this is what your looking for, but its a fairly easy laceration repeater

I hate to tell you this, but laceration is just one of those tricks that you just have to practice. I don’t know what exactly you mean by smooth, but if you mean going into another trick smoothy, try doing a roll (like the one in skin the gerbal) right after the laceration. That should help.

i can land lacerations easily. like the single lacerations but the lacerations where you whip it around multiple times then land it into a trick like brent stole… i have a hard time pulling it off… i guess i should ask the person who made the vid for some tips lol.

Those just practice. Really, escpecialy for the doubles and triples you said, practice. Whip fast and aim for the accurate position and time.

ok tripples will always be hard. but doubles are also easy for me… im talking about laceration combos like this: i just cant get the reset off right :confused: