Trick Combos

I finally learned almost every string trick,side-mounted trick,and front-mounted trick.So I am wondering,what would be a good combo where you start in one mount,and end with another mount,or end in same mount as first one{like braintwister to stop n go}.

So like I said list some good combos that go from one trick to another.I would really appreciate it!

Wrist mounts into other mounts are cool too. Especially when you know the special moves to go to it.

In a Wrist Mount, you see a triangle coming from your throwhand, under your string and back over your wrist. Put your hand there and curl it like a Hop in a Bucket. Hop the yoyo out and you come into this nice formation. From there, it’s free style (although you should’ve freestyled the whole time).

1.5 mount is very changable too. Easier to mess with, just mess it up. I prefer going from a mount to a formation OR from a mount to a slick bind.

You can verry easilly go from a double or nothing to a one and a half by doing cold fusion. As long as you can get into a trapeze you can easily go into a double or nothing and then into a one and a half. Just go through your tricks and find ones where the end (or near the end) Is a trapeze double or nothin or one and a half and link them.