Double or Nothing Laceration Slow Motion Tutorial


Here is kind of a follow up video to my last tutorial for the 1.5 laceration. Learn the cool double or nothing laceration, just in time for national yoyo day!

If there are any questions on the trick I will be more than happy to answer them; comments also appreciated. :slight_smile:


Post National Yoyo Day bump!


Nice tutorial. This trick finally makes sense to me now. I’ve just been trying to whip the slack all the way around twice this whole time.



I’ve never seen this way before. Looks interesting. Something a bit different than the way I do it.


This might be considered a variation by some people, I just think it’s a cool way to lacerate into a double or nothing. I’m sure there are a lot of different ways, but thanks for watching! :slight_smile:


Epic tutorial, Ill be working on this one ;D


Finally been looking for a tutorial for this trick for a while now :smiley:
Can’t wait to take a crack at it !
Keep Throwing - Chris


You can also do it by doing something similar to a Mach 5 laceration, but not landing the loop behind the yoyo instead of in the gap


Are you referring to a sidestyle Mach 5 laceration, the one kind of like Multifarious whip? If so, yeah, you can make your way to double or nothing somehow from there. :wink:


Cool, I’ll have to learn this one. ;D