follow yoyo trick


I need help with this trick, I have been trying for a while with no luck, I just need some tips,



Would you like a tut from me? Here is an old one I found, anyway

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sorry, cant describe how to do it =( i learned it by myself


sure, Make me one If you want. Thanks

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I can try to describe it.

You do a motion like you are going to do a jade whip, but the yoyo comes over your four fingers with your thumb out of the way.

As the yoyo swings over, you use your thumb to grab the string so the yoyo comes over your hands, under and right when it starts to start going over your hand again, release the thumb and catch the string again with your thumb as the yoyo travels ovewr your four fingers, repeat, repeat,

Thats pretty much it.

Even with text, and tuts, you really need to practice much.

I got what had to happen when I was learning it but it took forever for me to get it smooth.

But its a fun trick to learn, and it can be combined into many other combos to give them a nice look,

Good luck on your learning!
You can do it!



Thanks I was searching for this trick a long time but I didnt know its name. :smiley:


thanks I am starting to get it.

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It’s basically just getting the right pinching-time with your thumb.

This one helped me. I download and convert them to avi so I can see slo mo. Notice the thumb pinch timing on the side view.