thumb grinds

;D yay i can finally pop it up and catch it on my thumb ( 80%of the time ;D ) to make it easier should i try catching it on the inner or outer ridge

I have a completely wacko idea: You can try out both and see which one of them you like better.

Just see what you like better. However, it depends on how long you want your thumb grind to be.

Here is an interesting thing about the design of the Dark Magic (I am assuming you are using the DM for your IRG) The outer ridge will process faster, and will make the thumb grind go faster, or shorter. Its a little harder to control though.

The inner ridge was built for longer grinds, and is much easier to control.

Use your pinky in a hook shape.

Then its not really a thumb grind.

It’s easier, for gripping a DM. Thumbs don’t really work for a pull catchy ting.

You mean when you pop it up and catch it?

I can do thumbs with a lot of things, I can with Legacy with Caps and I’m proud!!!

From a regular side throw, just pop it on your thumb is how I do it.

i’ve been trying to pop the yo-yo and grind w/ my hand, but keep failing. any tips?

Use the tips of your fingers. When the yoyo hits, there’ll be a bounce on your fingers so it doesn’t just fly off. Then use your wrist and stuff, and you’ll learn to cushion. Fingers do it automatic, so I start at the fingers then roll around.