Thumb grind- Does this look right?

Just wondering if the yo-yo is in the right position. I’m having trouble getting my thumb to stick to the yo-yo. I’m using a Shutter.

You’ll have an easier time of it, if you lean the top lip of the yoyo slightly towards you, instead of away from you. Also, you’ve got to cushion the landing- bend your knees as you catch. You might want to practice picking the yoyo up on your thumb from a trapeze, to learn how it feels to have the yoyo grinding on your thumb.

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I learned it from a trapeze it’s a lot easier

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This is one trick I keep trying to get, and then moving on in frustration. Rinse and repeat. :confused:

I can do it sometimes but I have to work on how to get the yo-yo back on the string without it spinning out of control.

Next question!

Just kidding. These guys are right, the only thing I would add is that you might have an easier time with something like a Horizon, Too Hot, or Kuntash.

They have a very pronounced inner rim ring, that is a little easier to keep your thumb in.

Dv888 is king in this field in my opinion :wink: