thumb grinds

i can do a thumb grind from trapeze and bal;ance it but i cant pop the yoyo up and catch it any advice

This just takes practice. It will just “click” eventually. Even I cant get it every time, even with my Axiom which has a BIG@$$ thumb grinding lip.

When you pop the yoyo up try to have your thumb ready to catch it, you will also want a nice clean, smooth “pop” up. And sometimes if your string tension is REALLY bad it can be hopeless.

Hope I helped!

I actually have to completely disagree with Connor on this one :wink:

When you throw your breakaway, make sure the yoyo is tilting toward you ever so slightly. Be swift - You dont want to die on you. I am assuming you are using a Dark Magic, and this is the reason it should be tilted. While the Dark Magic does have a thumb grind lip, it is not very deep.

Now while it is tilting, you are going to pop it up. I feel it helps to bend my thumb ever so slightly when doing thumb grinds. Now this part is the key: Dont try to stick your thumb in the lip, let the yoyo fall onto your thumb. You will realize how important this is after you can do it. If you try to jam your thumb in, this will push the yoyo away, and you will never start to grind. But if the yoyo pops up, and kind of falls in place with your thumb, it will be able to revolve.

Also, when popping and trying to grind, make sure that you dont try to make the yoyo fall from a great distance.

That was kinda confusing, but I hope it helped!

Good advice Samad, I couldn’t agree more. If you push your thumb into grind lip, you’ll catch it about 1% of the time, the other 99%, the yoyo will go flying away from you. And yes, keep the yoyo ever so slightly tilted towards you. If you don’t wanna throw a crooked breakaway, which most people don’t, this can be accomplished while your in the trapeze. It depends on whether your a lefty or righty thrower. But by pushing and pulling you throw hand and non throw hand towards and away from your body, you can control the tilt of your yoyo. Practice this and good luck! And listen to Samads advice :slight_smile:

Ok fine everyone disagree with me! Im just an idiot! >:(… :wink:

thanks guys i alomost getting it right cuase i can some times hit it

I’ve been catching my yo-yo on the throwhand pointer finger, letting it grind for a second(ish) and the putting my thumb in :wink: It’s a good second option for a newbie who can’t catch from the pop. I’ll have to try that out tonight. Good advice.

when the yoyo is up in air just stick your thumb out then when it comes down just put your thumb in the iner ridge

from aakarsh madhavan