easy ay to do thumb grinds! does anybody do it this way?


So I wanted to start thumb grinds. I couldn’t just pop up the throw and put my thumb in it… So, instead I landed a trapeze, and just put my thumb in the lip of the yoyo. Its way easier, and I find that (the supernova has an inner and outer lip) if I can get my thumb in thr inner lip, it will grind longer. My question is, does anybody else do that? And if you can’t thumb grind,try the trapeze method.
Or are these called inner ring grinds? (IRG is the abbreviation right)

There’s really no point in this post, im just bored…


Whenever I do my thumb grinds, I usually cheat by throwing a crooked breakaway and then popping the yoyo on my thumb

I don’t think I’ve ever even attempted a thumb grind from a trapeze, I probably should try it


LOL, I cheat two ways then. I throw a crooked trapeze an thumb grind from there.

As for the whole “grinding with the inner lip” thing, it doesn’t even apply to me. I don’t have any throws that have an inner and outer lip. I will probably get a Supernova by the end of the year though…I hope I remember to try this when I get it!


the supernova is an “ok” lip for the thumb grinds. my favorites that have a bigger/easier lip to land are the czechmate and the dna/mutant dna without stacks, they have alot of room for error and grind for a long time.


Well André teaches with the trapeze first so it probably isn’t that uncommon.


I believe you are supposed to tilt the yoyo if it has no obvious IRG. And I always do this.