Is there anyway to go into a thumb grind not starting with a trapeze?

i just wanted to know if there was possible a cooler looking way that might be a little harder i just got into grinding a few days ago. A vid would help a lot

You could jerk the yoyo up and catch it on your thumb.

thats what i like to do.

I’ve done a few cool things with the thumb grind. They’re sorta new tricks (names are listed after in parenthasese). Anyways one of 'em is to go into a wrist mount and use your NTH to thumb grind out of the wrist mount by going through the triangle (uncuffed). You can also go from a D.O.N. to a trapeze by thumb grinding droping the front string and landing it into a trapeze just with an extra wrap around your finger (time bender). Another is to do a thumb grind transfer from the TH side with your TH and transfer to your NTH and drop it on the NTH side of the trapeze (time freeze). My favorite is one i call the screwdriver. I thumb grind with my TH and pull the string away gently from the yoyo till it starts spinning around the yoyo like a horizantal UFO. I use it to ajust string tension a lot. (if any of these have already been invented please infrom me)

throw a break away tilted a lot, then it will be easier to jerk the yoyo up and catch it.