Thumb grind without starting from a trapeze

Ok so i can thumb grind from a trapeze, its just that when i pop the yoyo up and try to thumb grind i can’t. I have seen Andre and many other players do this but i cant. any advice?

Its pretty hard to explain but just keep practicing. Be sure to throw a slanted breakaway. Make sure to stick up your thumb when you pop it up. Don’t try to push your thumb in or else you can’t hook your thumb on,

It took me a while to get it right but I just keep practicing.

Let your yo-yo pop to your thumb.

Practice. If you have a problem with it coming back to your hand, try grabbing the string with your other hand so that it doesn’t catch.

Let the yo-yo fall on your thumb. Dont stick your thumb in the lip.

Thanks! that slanted break away is helping a lot!

No problem! :smiley: Were here to help!