hook help!

alright i started learning i.e hook and so far every time i do the trick it gets stuck around my thumb any suggestions on how to fix this. (also i am fine with a better tutorial as well)

Tuck your thumb in.

I did that it still catches around my thumb still!

how can it possibly catch around your thumb if your thumb is tucked in?
Actually, how does it get caught on your thumb at all? Can you show a video?

There should be two strings wrapping around just your pointer finger (essentially a large loop). And then in midair one of those strings wraps into the gap of the yoyo, landing you in the hook.
Here is a tutorial I found just to show you what I’m talking about:

just got this trick yesterday. The key is to keep your non throw hand still

i do but the problem is the loop keeps getting caught on my thumb when i do the loop so it is real hard to land because the loop even with it tuck in get caught on my thumb

Like I said, can you show us a video of you doing it?

Cut your thumbs off.
Seriously though, how does it land on your thumb when it is tucked in?

I don’t know the slack magically get caught around my hand still.

Try whipping the slack further towards the tip of your finger.

Okay I will try that know