what is the best grinding yoyo at no more than 80 dollars?

other than the czechmate mate i dont have any preferences other than liking heavy and super grindabale yoyos

I would say that a magicyoyo n12 is your best bet. If not that, a onedrop rally.

Is the n12 the magishark? If so, don’t get it, because the finish on (mine atleast) it is horrid for grinding.

The n12 is the sharks honor (or shark). I don’t know what you are talking about though, it grinds as well as my onedrop yoyos.

YYF CZM84VK in my experience is one of the best grinding yoyo’s I’ve ever come across, and that includes Onedrops + General Yos. It’s also great value for money as for $70.00 you’re getting a fantastic grinding throw that performs as well as yoyos twice it’s price.

I was actually using it yesterday purely to grind with. I was trying to work out something for the Werrd “Best Banger” contest and it just reaffirmed my opinion on how well it grinds. I’m sure that anyone else that has tried one will agree. =)

Buy a pair of gloves and a yoyo with a good spin time :smiley: