Powder Coat

Is it safe to powder coat a yoyo that uses side effects? Like will it mess up the tolerances or anything?

I don’t think so. But, send a PM to Yoyospirit. He does the best powdercoat I’ve ever seen, he’ll know.

all powdercoating runs the risk of messing up tolerances and comes down to how evenly it’s applied and if it pools anywhere. All this could result in vibe if done poorly.

As long as you plug up the side effects/bearing seat/ and response areas, it should be fine.

If not, then it most likely will screw up those areas.

edit - I guess I should add that it really all depends. How close the tolerances are in the first place. How thick the powder coat is which also can vary depending on the powder itself as well as the person that is shooting it. Regardless of this, I would have those areas masked off or know that you may have to potentially sand down those areas back to spec.

the tolerances on side effects won’t allow for powder, you have to mask the connection areas off completely for it to work… or I guess machine it back down later, but that seems a lot harder.

Any powder coat ‘can’ add vibration… it’s basically a very fancy paint process, and as such is subject to variation in coating thickness (unlike anodizing). That said, if it is done well, the impact is none/minimal… though the surface will feel very different (if that’s good or bad is a matter of personal preference).


Any area that has a tolerance requirement, bearing post or side effects, should never be powder coated. Simple masking of the area is all that is required.

Somewhere in this mod and maintenance section my powder coat thread is laying dormant. Probably 10 pages back by now. There is an amazing amount of styles and colors to offer.

The way I see it, the good thing about powder coats is if I do mess up and it causes vibe, the powder can be stripped off without damaging the metal in the slightest, so either way, i don’t see any risk in having a throw powder coated, as I always guarantee the YoYo will come out smooth. Also, the bearing seat and side effect hole are both plugged before stripping off the anodize and before spraying on the powder. I will take pics of my 54 and Anti Yo Bapezilla.2, which are both still dead smooth.