White powder coat


Anyone know someone who does very well at powder coating? Specifically wanting a white powder coated yoyo. Thanks for the help! :blush:



You can try him. I’m not certain he still does it anymore though.


Is Mullicabob still around? He does damn fine powdercoat work. I LOVE powdercoated yoyo’s.


Mullicabob hasn’t been around in quite some time.


I don’t believe he does; in fact, he rarely yoyos anymore - he’s focusing on powerlifting.

I haven’t talked to Bob in years.

You could try finding a local body shop and see if they could do it, a lot of those places pc brake calipers.


Every so often I think about pulling out my powdercoating gear again. But then I get distracted with any of the millions of other things I enjoy doing. So…probably not.