Mullicabob's Powder Coating: A High Speed YoYo Review


Robert Maskos, aka Mullicabob, has been powder coating yo-yos for quite some time and every time I see a new piece posted on the forums it has always caught my eye. It has reminded me of the paint jobs from Levi, Jacob Gross, and Brett Grimes but from what I have heard, his PC process was much more durable. Well finally the stars aligned and I was able to convince him that he should send some samples for review which was great for me since I have always been curious about how powder coating changed the feel of the yo-yo but I have been squeamish about having it done to one of my precious (insert Gollum voice here). Now I get to see how tough it is and what benefits it brings to the table.

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Does Bob strip the yoyos first?


Bob, me, will handle anything and everything that is necessary. Strip, rehab, prep etc. are all handled in my shop by me personally.


I have an 888 coming that might need some powder…


Is there an “average” weight that the PC adds?


i cant wait to send mine off to him,and im happy that hes getting good recognition for his work, congrats bob.


On average about a half a gram to a gram. Those numbers are usually for the thicker applications like a two coat or something that has a lot of design like splashes etc.

Most of the time after stripping the powder evens out to the original weight or very close to it.