Candied 888.....yummmy!!

Finished up the 888 today with a yummy coat of candy orange and translucent violet powder coat.

This one was dead on and plays really nice. Key was modding my oven with some special holders and a little longer preheat of the yoyo.

Hey don’t forget that custom MBstring to match. :-*

Looks sweet man. :slight_smile:

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Thanks bud. Real pleased with this one. Ran out of sunlight for the pics today and the lamp doesn’t do it justice. Gonna snap a few tomorrow to show the shine.

If I ever get a yoyo powdercoated…

You trying to tell me something? ;D

If you have a beater send it out as polished as you can get it, no pads axle or bearing, and I’ll do it free of charge. Just pay to ship.

Too bad I don’t have a beater. Closest thing I have is one of my desperados. And it only has a few marks. But, if I get one, I’ll certainly send it off to you.

Fair enough. If you do shoot me a pm first so I can go through a few things with ya.

Here is the sunny day pic and an action shot.

Looks good enough to eat!

I tried to bite it but the powder was too hard! :smiley:

i’d love to know how you did this, unless it’s a secret. if it’s the latter, then forget i asked!



On a scale of one to ten as far as “hard to do” I would give it a 7 or 8 maybe.

Powder coating is very popular, powder coating yoyos is not, obviously.

My set up was around $400 total. You can PC just about anything metal. I think!!

I need to take some pics of the process but for now I need all hands on deck.

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