Custom Powder Coats & Engravings by Jupdyke

Hello Everyone,

I’m sure most of you have seen the thread forum member Jupdyke made saying he can custom machine yoyos, engrave, and powder coat your yoyos for mostly free. If you haven’t seen that, here’s a link to that thread, read over it before you further view this thread.,63083.0.html

When I saw Josh’s thread I decided that I should get my beat up CLYW Gnarwhal powder coated. It has been my favorite yoyo, and my main player, so it needed a new finish on it to get rid of all the nasty on it. I sent it to Josh, this has been the first powder coat and engraving he’s ever done on a yoyo.

It took a few weeks for him to fully complete the powder coat and engraving. I had told him I wanted it half black, half orange, and I want “Big Yoyo String” engraved on the black half of the yoyo.

When I finally got the yoyo back (yesterday :slight_smile: ) I was so thrilled! It looks amazing. Here’s a link to some pictures of it, it turned out really really well and Im thoroughly impressed and pleased with how it came out.

I love everything about how this turned out except one thing…
I am not upset, or mad at Josh because he didn’t know better, but now he knows not to do this. The bearing seat on both halves were powder coated, so my yoyo has some very minor vibe. He knows that the bearing seat shouldn’t be powder coated, and now he won’t do it again, hopefully :slight_smile:

The Engraving:
The engraving on this was done using a laser machine. It is very precise and very detailed. It looks amazing, I t couldn’t be more accurate that what I gave him.

The Powder Coat:
The powder coat on this is so smooth. Very glossy finish. It isn’t grindable, but I don’t know if any PC is ever grindable unless its a flat ano PC. I’m pleased with how this finish looks and feels :slight_smile:

I overall really really like how this turned out. Josh defiantly gave it his 100% and made sure that it turned out exactly how I wanted. If anyone wants to get a Powder Coat done by Josh, PM him and talk to him about it. His forum name is Jupdyke. He’s very nice, and does an amazing job.

Thank You Josh!

Hi my names joe and I’ve been designing some yoyos on an app on my iPad, and was wondering if you could make a few of them.