Need Anodization or Bead Blasting Job done!

Hey guys!

I’m making a 6061 Aluminum yoyo using my engineering class’s equipment. Would anyone be willing to anodize or bead blast it? Prices? I haven’t made it yet, but it should be in the process very soon.

Contact mullicabob. He does amazing work with both beadblasting (as well as other types of blasts) and powdercoating.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone using custom anno work these days.

Ask him for his new textured finish, it looks sweet!

Mullicabob is definitely your best bet. He does amazing powdercoats, and cool-looking blasts. Plus, his services are cheap. And he knows how to package a yoyo.

To put it simply,

Mullicabob rocks.

Thanks guys!

So I’m looking for a finish that afterwards I can laser engrave. Will both bead blasting and anodizing work?

I think bead blasting would work fine for being laser engraved.

Here’s a link to a gallery of mullicabob’s blasts:

Is this a school project?

I don’t know if I would call it a school project per say. In my class we’ve been coming up with things to manufacture, I chose a yoyo, because well obvious reasons. I wanted to get one bead blasted for me (a bead blasting does help with grinding right? does a PC or anodize make the yoyo grind the best?) and one anodized for my teacher since he let me do this. From there, hopefully they will be good, if they are, I hope to sell them. (will I need a license to sell them or anything?)

Blasting improves grinding.

Anodizing doesn’t substantially change the surface texture of a yoyo. Blasted yoyos stay blasted and polished yoyos stay polished.

Powdercoat is typically a poor grinding surface, but it looks like Mullicabob is experimenting with textured powder coats to improve that.


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can you anodize a blasted yoyo?

That’s what 98% of the yoyos on the market are. Blasted and then anodized.

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but does anodizing after blasting make the grinding worse?

Just in general, what is the best combination for the best grinding?

Dang man, what kind of grinds are you looking to do? There’s no secret elixir that makes yoyos grind for 3 minutes, haha.

Blast then ano works great.

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Thanks for the help! and haha 3 min grinds would be pretty sweet… What if you had a huge bearing under the rim? lol that could be a 3 min grind

If you do a diamond finish like in YYJ’s yoyos it should help improve grinds, and it gives it a silky smooth feel when grinding.

As stated before blast then ano. It will look very nice and grind just right.

Shoot me a pm and we can talk over a blast, blast/polish combo or powder coat of the new flat ano colors I just got in today.

Just pay to ship and I will do a freebie for you, since it’s for school! :wink:

like this?

Shut up and take my money.

That is awesome.