Painting yoyos.

i thought this was only plastic with metal rims lol ooo man newb here

Well it is just metal and plastic but to paint over the outside, it would make it bumpy in a way. There would be brush strokes. For something like that I would use model paint but I still wouldn’t recommend it. But hay, its your throw so its up to you as far as what you want to do w/ it.

when I painted my fhz there were a few big drips so I had to tune it again, I also just wanted to tune it so I never had to take the caps off again and risk damaging the paint

Well yeah, of course painting the inside doesn’t cause vibe, it’s not messing with the wind resistance.

Maybe I’ll strip the caps of the silver paint and goto town. U think that would work?

And Idt vibe is cause by wind restence as much as un even weight I could be wrong

It’s both but the weight displacement by the paint shouldn’t cause enough vide for you to notice unless you clumped it on. Wind resistance does cause vibe, I think it causes the worst vibe ever. Imagine an airplane, the flap moves down, the air is pushed that way to make the plane move. Now imagine a yoyo has a tiny flap hanging off it, wind hits it and makes it move the yoyo all over the place.

Speaking of which… anyone know good glow in the dark paint? My plan is to: Paint yoyo. Make string. Go have fun! :smiley: But still… it’ll be awesome to see that. Maybe glow in the dark gloves?

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It’s cooler without gloves.