Does anyone Know what Paint people use to Splash yoyos?

:3 Anyone know?

Good question. I recently got back into yoyoing after 10 years and I noticed the same thing when I was browsing for my first unresponsive metal. They say it’s arty, but I’m not so sure about that when they all look the same. I prefer solid colors with a cool laser etching over the color splashes. Those kind of yoyos are way more creative than just splashing two colors together.

If were’re talking metal they don’t use paint they anodize the metal. How they get the Splash is they anodize the yoyo the color the splash will be then they put rubber cement on it in a splash pattern then anodize it another color then peel off the rubber cement giving the splash affect.

But if were talking like on FHZ people just use acrylic paint.

Can i use acrylic paint for metal? :3

I think you’d have to sand it down before you paint it… But I wouldn’t do it because it wouldn’t be good at grinding…

Acrylic Paint on metal sticks, dried and chips of over time (a short time). And you can’t really get paint on as smooth as you would think. I’m sure you can find some kind of paint that will stick to metal at a craft store like Michael’s or something.

I see. Thanks guys :C

Oh and just a tip, I tried using water colour. No matter how thick it is it doesnt dry up. Even if its really watery, Still doesn’t dry up. Paint a part with water colour, After its SLIGHTLY dried which is in about an hour, Wipe it with a wet cloth. There should be a white acid wash stain there :smiley:
EDIT: Only worked for my DV888.

Use automotive paint. And an airbrush. That is the preferred method of painting. Otherwise, just be very steady with a brush and use masking layers for your splash.

I dont have an air brush