Painting a Throw? (POPstar)

What would be the best type of paint to use on a METAL yoyo? Specifically a POPstar?
Would regular spray paint work? How does Acrylic paint show up?
I want to use metallic grey and metallic black, and I want to splash it with glossy hot pink and glossy dark orange.
So, what types of paint should I use and how should I do it?

Honestly, neither. The best way to go is either a airbrush, or send it to an anodizer/painter.

how does acrylic paint show up on a metal yoyo

Hmm I don’t know much about this but the only painted metal yo-yos I’ve seen have had a really weird texture that I didn’t like at all. So I would definitely do some research on this to make sure you’re going to like it.

Zip strip? Could annihilate the thing but I guess it’s worth a shot if your down. I have one and the thought of safe zip strip is pretty cool. That way you could paint it with pretty much anything then if you dont like it just strip the bad boy. Then report back so we can do it safely :smiley: haha once again. Only if your an experimental person.