Help! what paint should i use to costom paint my yoyo

what paint plz help!!! for medal yoyo

Be more specific. Are you trying to paint a plastic or metal yoyo? Air brush works great for metals. I find the acrylic paints coated with polyurethane works great for plastics.

I’ve been wondering this for a while also.
What paints should you use for metals?

I don’t have an air brush, but I do have an air compressor with a painting attachment. Not sure if that would work though…

On an aluminum yoyo, you are going to want automotive paint.

when your done painting them is there another coat you should use to protect it or make it more grindable???

where do i get automotive paint

There are plenty of places online you can order it from. However, I’m not sure what their prices are, or what their minimums are(if there are any). Each place has its own rules for whatever reason. It’s not difficult to get.