Polishing a metal yoyo

Does anyone have a tutorial on how to polish? I know how to do the polish, but don’t you need to strip the paint first? Does it have to be raw.? I confused and would like to clarify things up ;).

Yes, if it’s painted or ano’d it needs to be stripped. You can only polish raw metal. No tutorial required.

Ho do you Strip the ano or paint?

If I told you I’d have to kill ya…

In from the government. It’s ok to tell me.

Just put the axle in a drill and spin it then put sandpaper on it while its spinning and sand the anno. Or else cover it in oven cleaner and wait 10 mins then wipe it and anno will be gone, but it will turn white and may be darker where splash used to be

So spin it on a drill put it to sandpaper. Will I need to strip it till its completely the original color? Or no paint left?

I really like the whute ones.

What does that mean?

Until it is raw silver metal. And he was messing with me for my spelling error, i fixed it.

What grit should I use?

Start with the lowest you have and work up to 600

600 grit? I only have 60 grit.

It will work but look more like a beat yoyo. Its what i use sometimes, but if you polish it will look better

So I can use 60 grit to get the paint off. When I polish will it look like a Beat? If I use 600 grit will it look better?

The scratches will be bigger, so it wont look"Beat" just not the greatest. After polishing it will look a lot better. You can always do 60 then go to 600 when you buy it

Could’ve just sent me a pm lol. I don’t really feel like typing up a whole guide, so I’ll just give you the short run.

Acetone for stripping off paint.
Lye for anodize.

You can strip off the ano using something like 100 grit sandpaper, but it still takes a while, and it’s possible for you to deform the yoyo.

Im still kind of confused. If its going to scratch the yoyo. How do the polished yoyos by pros not have scratches?

If you only use 60 grit, then it will look very scratched up. I screwed a nut onto the axle and then stuck it in a drill, then started with 60 grit sand paper to strip the ano off. You want all the color off of the yoyo so that it is raw. Then you want to gradually work your way down through the sandpaper, from roughest to finest. I used 60, 150, 320, and then 600. Mostly it just takes a lot of time to get it to look really shiny with the 600. If you just only use 600, then it will take you a long time to strip the ano off.

I think 60 grit is too coarse to start. I’d start w/100 grit, then work up in steps as xmotoby says. Finish off with a polishing compound.