I'm going to start polishing: but there's a big hole :O.


Well, I’d like to start polishing. I can polish I just need to practice stripping the ano.

My only problem is, I got not metals to do it on. I only have one and it was free already polished and stripped.

So, would anyone be willing to either take the chances and send me a cheap metal for me to practice on? (No pay)

Would anyone like to send a raw yoyo for polishing? (You gotta pay for that)

Would anyone like to donate unused metals. I mean “unused.” (No pay)

Thanks for your time. Average price would be:

You ship it here, I ship it back.

$10 to strip and polish $5 to just polish :).


I am asking for donations or if you have a yoyo you don’t care about.

I know how to do it, some. But some using enough, I need to have work to show.


I have a question. How do you know you can polish if you have never tried on any metal yoyos?


I have done it. On a metal I have and some rings on YYJ’s.

My point of this post is, I have no yoyos to practice on. I can polish easily I just haven’t tried stripping a yoyo. And I have no yoyos to strip. I have only 1 metal that was already polished when I got it.

Basically I am asking for donations so I can learn to do it well the offer up services.


Raw yoyo for polishing wont help you much. Just rub it till its black, then rub it till it shines. And before you sell make sure you can get all the lines so you can see your reflection clearly, and see no lines anywhere of sandpaper, but maybe if you look hard enough.


I use a drill, rubbing takes to long…

Dingo, thanks for the advice: but I want everyone to know.

Non of this advice is going to help until I get metal yoyos to do.


Oops, I think it’s a little unclear.


I use a drill too, I just mean the essence of it is putting it on a rag and pushing it and either moving the yoyo or your hand. DOn’t you have a dv888? You could try on that since its raw I believe. What grit are you going up to?


Just do it on your DV888, when I saw it, it looked more like a satin than a polish.


It was done by someone els. I have already polished it. I just edited it so please read that everyone :).


Pics may help, and in response to the pm, I go over the whole yoyo at least twice with polish while it’s on the drill.


Satin it and the poish will come off. If you do it with low grit you can just redo it all. When you say you have done it, have you started from scratch on a metal yoyo, or just polished raw ones?


I think it looks unpolished is because I used some Silver polish. My parents think it works on aluminum. I gotta pick up some Nevrdull or Mothers mag.


TO CLEAR THIS UP, This DV888 was in a thread by yoyoexpertman54 he polished a DV888. Then he modded it and have it to me :). And it was a little tarnished from not being polished for a while. So I touched it up with some Silver polish.
The silver polish explains it all.


Have you ever satined one yourself? I don’t think that would be worthy of selling as a service, just saying that as a reference to how yours are (Havent seen pics). Also you will need pics. ANd what grit are you going to?



Got it???


Will anyone donate metal yoyos for me to learn how to polish on?? That’s what in looking for. If like to start polishing but I’ve got no yoyos to learn how to do it.


Thats why I said just as a reference. Meaning I know you didnt do it, but if yours look like that you should practice. And once again, have YOU ever satined one?


A satin is? If its using sandpaper to smooth it out, yes I’ve
done that on a PGM and its surface is super smooth.


It is, but there is a huge difference in metal. You should start at 120 grit or so and go up 100-200 grit at a time all the way to at least 1000, I do 2500. This could take more than 30 minutes per half, and doing cups could take you over an hour each due to them being hard to reach. Also any curves will leave lines of ano where you have to go over a lot to get off the lines. You also can’t be impatient with the lower grits, this will cause the final product to look poorly done. Also the higher grits are hard because you can barely tell where you have gone so you just have to be patient and take time with it.


So to get back on topic.

I want to start polishing, will anyone either send me a metal yoyo to practice on? Or just let me borrow it and try things and send it back?


You’ve asked the same question like 5 times…