Polish my yoyo, I will pay


I have a raw yyr overdrive clone that I am looking to have polished. If someone would be willing to do it, I can ship it to you and pay for the service over paypal. Send me pictures of your work in the reply and I can give you a price. You need to send pictures in your first message to me or I will not respond.



find yoyospirit and ask him.

your strange little demanding bit at the end will probably scare a few skilled polishers away.

You’d save time and money just doing it your self. All you need is polish and some rags and about an hour or two of work depending what your going for. :stuck_out_tongue:

wat do you mean by polishing a raw yoyo/

a raw yoyo is one that has no anodize on it. polishing it makes it shinny like a mirror :stuck_out_tongue: however without a sealant on the yoyo the aluminum will tarnish =/