Polishing a metal yoyo

yes i think 60 is too coarse too. After using it, I decided that my 150 was better suited for the job.

oven cleaner takes ano off

this guy knows his stuff. I start with a 400 grit granted it takes like 5 min to get paint/ano off with it. I think it’s a lot eaysier in the long run.

I have a yoyo that I’ve been wanting to polish, my YYF POPStar. I just tried oven cleaner. I filled the cup on one half with oven cleaner and waited 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, it turned the purple ano dark pink. I filled the same yoyo half with oven cleaner again, and I’m going to check it again in 2 hours.

NO!!! You are only supposed to leave the oven cleaner on for 5 mins at most at a time! If it turned dark, then you left it covered with the oven cleaner too long.

Don’t worry :). I wasn’t taking that method anyways.

I am going to use sandpaper. Will 110 be good to start with?

It became lighter. It was dark purple, it turned dark pink. Last time I checked, pink is lighter than purple :wink: