What to use to strip the ano?

What should i use to strip the anodization off of a yoyo? I have heard of oven cleaner and drain cleaner, ut i dont know what to use.

Oven cleaner or drain cleaner, whatever you can get ahold of

It really only needs to be chemically stripped if you are going to re-ano it. If not just use sandpaper, starting with maybe 150 grit and working up to 600 or more. finish it w/0000 steel woll and polish. Chuck it up in a drill and have at it.

i did sandpaper, to polish my dv888, but it took a long time, even with a drill. so thats why i was asking if chemicals would work, then to polish it with sandpaper. Thanks for the help!

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I took off ano with oven cleaner the polished it on the drill

I used sandpaper on one of mine and it only took like 5 minutes total.

Well sure, 40 grit does wonders! :smiley:

I used 80. I polished it up really nicely too!

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DOubt its “nice” anything under 100 is just like draggind it on cement, it gets the anno off but definitely scratches it up while removing it. Never start to low, you will just take off way to much metal and possibly change the weight/shape.

Hmm, it seems we have reached a rift…

There is no way you did that in 5 minutes with 80 grit sandpaper and some polish

I stripped it in 5 min, easy. The polish took like 25 minutes.

Its scratch less basically.

Did you just do it over and over?

I for one use 80 grit paper on woodworking projects around the house.

I would never use it on a yoyo and certainly wouldn’t tell someone I did.

When something takes only minutes to do…well you know where I’m going with this.

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Ok, I only used it to scratch the surface. I used finer grits to polish it up (Obviously). I really don’t see how it can possibly be any worse than oven cleaner.

I use 100 grit to remove anodize lol

SO it didnt take 5 mins, and it isnt all you used. WOUld have helped to know that

No, it still only took five minutes, but I didn’t bother to get every nook and cranny of the yoyo with 80 grit, because those would come off with later grits.

I feel like you should spend at least 5-10 minutes on the starting paper.