stripping ano

when can i use to strip it (ill let my dad do it)

forgot to add no sanding please

I’ve heard sanding it off is the way to go.

forgot to say no sanding i want the watch the chemicals lol

I’ve heard that oven cleaner will work, so research that.

Any chemical that can strip the anno off is basically eating at the metal. It is difficult to control the process.

Chemical stripping is not as safe as using some sort of aggressive (glass, sand, even soda) media to blast the anno off or sand it off.

It may be “cool” to you to watch the chemicals eat away at your favorite, probably expensive yoyo, but it won’t be so cool when it’s pitted and fugly…

Not to mention the harmful fumes you’ll be exposed to…the potential of splashing which in turn can eat away at your skin, cause blindnes…etc…

In short…Don’t do it…especially if you don’t understand what you’re doing…you’re dad may be an adult but you still need to learn up on these things and take proper precautions for your own safety regardless of your age…

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The anodize layer is many times harder than the aluminum underneath. Anything course enough to take the layer off will certainly take off some aluminum.

Oven cleaner has lye, and you should NEVER us lye to strip off anodize, it’s dangerous and chances are the yoyo will strip unevenly, resulting in vibe. What you should do is just strip off the anodize with sandpaper.

Does anybody know where i might find a video of how to strip it via sandpaper?

Ok check this out to strip ano like professional you need acid based solvents extremely dangerous stuff. Now on to all the ano questions I saw today. ANo is a process where you placed a aluminum item into a vat of corosives and dye and then send a electrical charge through the product with a power source. A small amount of the metal then changes and hardens also taking on color. This is not some thing you should do if under the age of 18. you will need space a dorm ,bedroom ,kitchen will not work. once again you are dealing with dangerous caustic materials THAT WILL KILL YOU… That being said have fun. javascript:void(0);

Easy reverse electrolysis.

ill just use sand paper

Obviously…what’s your point.

You can’t take ONLY the ano off, no matter how you do it unless you do it the way where its actually the opposite of anodizing.

No body ever said there wouldn’t be a loss of metal dude. Your making an unnecessary argument. Sanding/blasting is a lot safer and controlled than chemicals are. Like I said initially, chemical stripping occurs quite randomly and is difficult to control unless you know what your doing.

Unless your a co.plete idiot, its not likely you’ll develop deep pits and an uneven surface with sandpaper or blasting media.

Eh, whatever. I thought that they were trying to take only the ano off. Whatever, I’m not going to do it anyway.


  • He said “stripping”, not just removing. I gave him the benefit of the doubt assuming that he knew what he was asking for. You need to chemically strip ano if you are going to re-anodize it. Had he just said “remove” I’d have readily suggested sanding. I left it to others, such as you, to point out the potential hazards, as I knew someone would.

Maybe I’m too lazy to look up why.

I can mostly get the difference between stripping and removing. Please understand, I’m looking to expand my knowledge, not criticize.

I would understand this as removing is simply rubbing off the anodizing finish from the surface. I take it this would otherwise leave the metal in a “treated” state and therefore would most likely not accept being re-anodized?

So, therefore chemically stirpping, this would most likely in addition removing the anodizing, would also affect the surface of the metal in a way where it would become conducive to being anodized again?

Am I right or way off or somewhere in between?

Yes, that is correct. Anodizing chemically changes the surface structure of the metal. It basically oxidizes the surface layer. If you want to re-anodize you need to chemically remove that layer. Sanding alone does not do it. I’m not an anodizer, nor would I attempt it. People experienced with anodizing have posted this before, possibly on another forum.

Sanding will remove any color from an ano job if that’s all you want.

Sanding a yoyo is removing the surface level of the material though…

Chemical stripping is not necessary to re annodize a yoyo. Blasting works. I imagine sanding does too.

JHendrickson for instance…merely blasts the yoyo before it is annodized.

Chemical stripping can be used to preserve a blast if done correctly. Jason Wong employs this technique often. I’m fairly certain this is the only time he chemically removes the anno before doing a job as well. Every other time JHendrickson blasts the yoyo before they are sent to him .