anodizing&de anodizing help

i am trying to figure out what chemical I can use to de-anodize my yoyos

I would apreciate it if you didn’t comment if you dont know or can help, thanks

p.s. DON’T tell me this is too dangerous and i should just send it to someone, i refuse to pay $10 for somthing i can do myself

first of all, it is not worth doing it yourself. you could hurt your self or your yoyo. And the materials cost more than $10.

I don’t know what you use to strip it, but it’s not something to fool around with, if you do it, do it with an adult. If it can eat away the top layer of metal, I am sure your skin wouldn’t be an issue. Wear gloves, goggles, and a respirator. As for finding out what to use, google can easily tell you.

Don’t forget that chemically stripping the yo-yo can add vibe to it by eating away more than just the anodized coating.

okay so how much for chemicals? i’ve read that greased lightning, and easy off are good, but all of the guys who use that are mostly using RC car parts, what are some other things i could use?
and how long should i leave it in the solution

p.s., i’m not gonna forget about it i’m gonna have constant supervision over the project

Dont quote me, but I think you have to mix your own lye, which is difficult and dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. I have heard that Easyoff works, though.

How about you do the easy thing and satin then give it a new finish.

Why do you want to do this? Are you having it re-anodized? That would really be the only reason for doing it. And if that’s the case I’d let the anodizer do it. If you do it and the new anodize job has problems he can always say it’s your problem because the de-anodizing was not done right.

If you just don’t like it and are thinking of a satin finish then just have at it.

i want to do my own blasting

Then just blast it. No need to de-anodize.

Exactly no reason to put yourself in danger.

realy? i thought anodizing hardened the surface of the yoyo, and would a simple sodablast work?

No a soda blast won’t remove the ano. I satin mine to remove ano and then half polish it to get a smooth surface then blast it. Takes forever too.

so can i, or can i NOT just soda blast the yoyo?

You should do what icthus said. Satin the yo-yo to remove the anodized layer and then blast it.

You CAN do whatever you want, but there will be a consequence that may include screwing up your yoyo.

I think in this case there is no risk. The only consequence is that the soda blast will be ineffective.

if i remember correctly i believe you can use oven cleaner but it can also dissolve the yoyo so youre best bet would be to satin and blast it like icthus said