begining to end

so my friend and I are wanting to do a project, he has a (OD code 1), and I have a (YYF DV888). we want to strip the yoyos clean them up them re anodize. I need a guide from every single step in a very detailed manor. Please help us and we will post pics of both when done. We don’t care if we need chemicals and if so tell me exactly what we would need how much and so on and so forth.

The yo-yo forum anodizing question adage says, “If you have to ask, you probably shouldn’t be doing it.” The process uses some nasty chemicals and if you are not well versed in what you are doing you stand a high chance of damaging both your yo-yo and yourself.


i know up to re anodizing which i possibly found someone who could do that. but just material wise what i would need i know steps wise.

Quite frankly, having to ask at all how to proceed says “Don’t do it.”

I know we all have to learn/start somewhere, but you are asking about a major project and it appears you don’t have a clue as to how to even start. Baby steps recommended… :wink:

i know the process i havent tryed it yet. i know you need to use “easy off” then polish up the yoyo. what im asking is how long you keep it on for and things along those lines. then use sand paper and shine it going up grades.

If anything send it to an experienced anodizer like jason wong. really, don’t try it your self.