how do you anodize yoyos?


i really want to know how to… i just cant find what supplies and other equiptment i need

please post feedback.



Do a Google search for anodizing and it should point you in the right direction.

How do I anodize yoyos? I don’t. I buy them done already. No way I’m going to mess with this.


I’ve heard it’s dangerous and difficult to do, but like Studio said check out Google!


Once you google it, realize that it’s not a casual undertaking and involves some harsh chemicals not usually found at home.


Ok thanks ill google it… My dad works with a lot of chemicals and said if i found out exactly how to do it he would try.
Dose anyone know how jason wong done it


If you need to ask you probably shouldn’t be doing it. :wink:


If you’re asking, then yer curious, and that’s how you learn… But heed the warnings… If something goes wrong, no one on the other side of your computer screen is responsible