stripping anno


How would I go about stripping the anno off of a yoyo. I want to get it nickel plated but it needs to be raw first.


sand paper. or, hook it up to a drill and sand paper. or, you could do it chemically, but im not telling you how as it is dangerous. :slight_smile:

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Chemically is a better run but its a bit risky.
sand paper does it smooth but make sure to wet the sand paper/have some water.
Go look up a tut.


here ;D as sanding will ALWAYS be imperfect no mater what anybody says

Admin edit: I removed your vie due to the dangerous fumes the method he uses puts off. Also please tell me what experience you have with sanding yoyos. I can tell you that I have sanded more than you could imagine. Ive sanded the vibe out of more than one as well. You do realize that the chemical that guy uses can eat away some of the aluminum?


i have heard of chemical removing you can satin it which is when you put it and its axle in a drill chuck hold some sand paper to it and wait until its smooth i usually go from coarse to medium to fine to very fine and then 600 grit but i find coarse makes it smoothest results but not shiny also don’t change the direction you are sanding or wont work to well you should also get a spare axle cause the get stripped from it and the grinding surface isn’t as smooth as ano


Longest. Sentence. EVAR.


Regarding the admin quote:
I saw the video before the link was removed. Even in the video, it stated that the chemicals used CAN eat away at the aluminum, which confirms what the Admin is warning us about.

There are some things I am not planning on getting into when it comes to yoyo modifications. I don’t want to satin yoyos, blast yoyos, high-wall yoyos, or cut into yoyos. I don’t want to paint my yoyos, I will buy them already the way I want them to look. I am in no way going to attempt to remove anodization and I am definitely not going to try my hand at anodizing. I’m not opposed to polishing yoyos or doing things like beefcaking them if there are suitable kits or proven directions.

Far be it from me to discourage others from learning these skills. Please realize some of the things talked about can involve dangerous chemicals, hazardous processes and many ways to can get injured. The admin stepped in because he felt there were some safety issues and other warnings that necessitated the removal of such information. There is no intention of denying you this information as you’ll just need to search it out on your own.


Actually, I’ve heard of a really interesting, cheap,easy, and effective way. All you need is the rough green side of a 3m sponge. They actually designed those to strip things like anno off. But then they realized it was great for dishes. Just use it like sand paper and it will take it off with barely any metal besides the anno. Or its supposed to do it that well…


I use those to remove tarnish from electrical contacts(usually in patch bays and guitar pedals and cables). I haven’t tried to go further than that. Other than time consuming, I suppose it could work. Definitely one of those “do this outside” kind of jobs.


no. It is not THAT abrasive.


google it. It was designed for metal. But now it is used for scraping crusted dry meatloaf from dishes.


ano= chemical change

meatloaf= physical change.

Big difference.


You haven’t had my wife’s meatloaf, have you?




Thanks for all the replys I decided just to leave my yoyo how it is. Maybe ill just buy a nickel plated yoyo.


Another fun fact: the oxide layer caused by anodization is harder than the aluminum underneath. Anything abrasive enough to cut through that layer will be plenty abrasive to cut through raw aluminum.

(Keep in mind that I am not advocating chemically stripping it.)


Finally, someone posts correctness :smiley:


There’s a guy who has been advertising in BST about doing nickel plating jobs. He’s in the UK, so that’s the only negative part as it would take a bit to get there and back. I send stuff back and forth to the UK all the time… Typically, 10 days in transit, but sometimes up to 21. Had a few go in as few as 5 days.

Of course, I’m not talking about yoyos, but still, postal to the UK isn’t too bad.


best studio42 post ever.


so I tried to use a sponge to satin my yoyo and…It WORKED!!! I did I slight rim satin and an edge satin. I also satined the ?cup? or inside part of the yoyo. One halfs like a mirror, the other half the supernova logo is like a mirror. It turned out great, and its looks a lot better in person than in the pictures. So shiny :o :o :o :o I used some metal polish lying around, nambe metal polish.